Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Sunday we had 14 students from Ashley take part in the Weetbix Tryathlon. Well done to all the students and also to the families who got along to support their children. Great work Maddison, Loghann, Rachael, Yasmin, Emily, Sophie, Nicole, Danielle, Paige, Gabrielle, Maria, Molly-Kate James and Elizabeth.

What a night for touch!
Congratulations to the Ashley Awesomes, who won the final of the Grade 1 Touch competition 3 to 1.This team made up of Aleisha and Jakob Pascoe, Ben and Luke Higinbottom, Matt Couch, Quinn Beynon, Jessie Kelland, Callum Simpson, Olivia Norton, James Mullan and Joshua Neilsen. Well done guys we are really, really proud of you. Thanks to all the supporters who have helped them all year.

I have just got back from a really wonderful experience visiting a school in Wellington Island Bay School. I wasn’t alone I had with me the rest of the school management team. It wasn’t the rooms or fittings or uniform that made this school it was the relationship between the children, the teachers, the parents and the key to it all the learning. The learning we witnessed was real and authentic. It wasn’t outcomes based, outcomes were important but it focused on the process or the journey the students took to get to this outcome.
The New Curriculum wants teachers to use four big ideas that underpin best practice and hone the teacher’s ability to engage students:
pedagogy (the study of being a teacher)
student voice, and
learning environment.
The teacher’s job is to develop inventiveness, curiosity as well as delivering ‘the daily bread’ of curriculum.
We witnessed all this at Island Bay.

Coffee Morning
I would like to put aside some time on a Thursday morning, next term, to have a cup of tea or coffee in the staffroom at 9.00am with anyone who chooses to join me. If you are free and want to have an informal chat, do come and join me. Children are welcome.

Board of Trustee Meeting
Whilst all Board meetings are open to the public, the Board of Trustees would like to extend a special welcome to any person who is currently considering nomination for a position on the Board of Trustees. Our next Board meeting will be held in the Ashley School staffroom, 23.March 2010.

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