Thursday, February 23, 2012

A week for Reflection.

What a week!
Visited a Kindy,Fun!!
I just forgot how much fun these places are with all the equipments and reasons for playing.The conversations these children have are wonderful, some of them have the negotiation skills of a UN peacekeeper.
I really enjoyed visiting with Gill our New Entrant teacher who has a handle on how these wee ones operate.To me they all seem like Rubiks Cube but Gill knows just what they want and what they need. Its a special skill to be a Junior teacher. I don't have the knees for it any more.

Remembering this week what happened 12 months ago was marked by a ceremonial tree planting.Losing a former pupil in the CTV building gave our school a direct link but there was more. Everyone knows someone who has been affected. Staff, parents, all have links or been directly affected themselves. It makes it all very personal.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet the Teacher. 33.3

I find it interesting how parents go to meet the teacher and talk about their children! Well thats what its about I can hear you say,! Well these parents chose to talk about their child who is now at high school. Yes and to make it worse, the teacher, they were pouring their hearts out too, stating how their child was never challenged, has never taught their child.
To me this was a blatant case of Grandstanding!!
These parents chose to hijack this meeting to air their grievances.
Why didn't the other parents who had given up their evening to be there speak up. It was a chance to hear how the class programme would run for the year, what a waste of parents and teachers valuable time.

Meet the teacher.

Thank you to the families who turned out last night. Disappointing though the numbers who did show up. I would like to know ,if anyone wants to comment, why the numbers were so poor.
If there is anything I can to do to get more families along I would appreciate it. If the parents can meet with their teacher and hear how the programme is going to run for the year then it cuts out all the guess work.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet the Teacher.

Well here we go again, into another year at Ashley. Welcome to all the new families who have started their learning journey with us this year. We have started the year down on last years numbers and this has reduced the teacher pupil ratio right across the school. This does take a way some of the pressure that was in some classes, although according to New Zealand's treasury Department Class size is not an issue when it comes to teaching!! Get as many into a classroom as possible. Scary stuff!!

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