Friday, March 12, 2010


Our Fund raising extravaganza for 2010 is our Wearable Arts Show. It will be held June 11th so grab your calendars right now and mark them. It will be the arts highlight of North Canterbury for the year.
All children will be involved and the creating of Garments will begin week one of term 2.
It would help if you could collect and send to school suitable items that could be used by our children e.g. feathers, wrapping paper, fabrics etc. That would be fantastic!

Teachers have had a small number of requests for extra homework. AS a staff we have decided that we will not be providing this for home. If you do have a child that does request more homework then there are a number of books that can be purchased that will provided lists of basic facts if that is what you need. As Reading is a priority we really encourage you to read to your kids sit by your kids while they are reading and Reading with them.
There is so much you can do with your child to help them learn with out the need to sit a desk all night in front of a pile of books.
On March the 24th school will be closing early. We are all attending a seminar based at Rangiora Borough School as a part of our ICT cluster professional development. Thank you for your understanding.

What a night a touch last night! It was successful for nearly all our teams with the All Stars getting their first win through a powerful team effort. Every player contributed to the teams’ success and to see Olive score her try was just great. The All Sorts had a run away win with 7 tries to none. The Stormers had a 5 tries to two win with Moriah getting two. A wonderful team effort and tries to Sam and Jamie, Player of the Day, Sage eased the pain of a 8 to 2 loss for the Anaconda’s. The Awesomes played a tough game and made it through to the final on the back of a great team try and some hard out defence from everyone but especially Callum, Quinn and Jessie.

Today some of our senior students are taking part in the Bluelight Police Competency Test. It involves doing all the things the police have to do to prove their fitness. The students attack the course and compete against the clock and other teams from Canterbury. Last year we did extremely, but that was last year. I know that we continue to maintain our high standard of teamwork and competitiveness.

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