Monday, May 31, 2010

Wearable Arts

I have had a discussion with parents today. Its good to hear a parents point of view and it opened my eyes a bit. How much do are parents know about the curriculum? How much have we informed them about and how much are they taking on.
The curriculum isn't just Maths and Literacy it is the Arts as well and when worked properly the entire curriculum can be worked around an arts topic. Reading writing maths can all be a part of our wearable arts it can also be a product for introducing all the key competencies.
Isn't problem solving an important part of day today life. Our students our children have experienced all this in the last 10 weeks.
The support from the community has been vital and extremely positive. I applaud all the support you have provided for us and I am looking forward to it all coming together on the night.

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  1. Ok..........I'm not really stalking your blog, but a blog isn't a blog without feedback and comments........right?? two favourite parts of teaching and learning are QUESTIONING and PROBLEM SOLVING. I might even be brave enough to say I think they are the two most important things. I'm pretty sure you can't learn a thing without either and life proves to pretty boring if your not participating in them too.

    I hope the wearable arts night goes off without a hitch and huge bang! Sounds fab :-)


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