Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun and Games

Well it has been a while but through some medical adventure I have had a few days off work. The thing I have found in my time away is how important lines of communication are. You see last year I was in the habit of not keeping people up to speed with my ideas, movements etc.
I understand that not getting these messages across caused confusion and often lead to mistrust.
This year I have communicated my butt off,.
I have even let the guinea pigs at my house know what I am up to!
Communication has to be both ways so when one party is attempting to get a message point across there has to be a listener. I have learnt that a listener must be prepared to give up their time and give there full attention.
I was never that great at it but am working on it. It is the most important part of my job.
My advice to anyone out there in leadership land. Listen! and when you do give the talker your full attention.

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  1. Hey good point, esp the listening one.
    Listening is such an important task, also as a parent. I'm glad I've got a bit more time on my hands to listen to my children. But I still find at times I am only hearing them, not REALLY listening. But then........they can be pretty noisy. The neighbours hear them often as well I'm sure!!! :-)

    I'm a poor listener myself.........need visual stuff to keep me listening. But a trick I've used is to repeat some of what you have heard back to the person in acknowledgement (Human Relationships 101).

    I agree, it's not always easy but soooo important!


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