Thursday, May 27, 2010

School Closure.

Having to announce yesterday that the school was closing at the start of the poetry competition was a bit freaky. Operating on the advice of the road engineers a call had to be made. I would do it different next time. get the kids to go back to class with there teachers in a more orderly fashion would be a start. I was nearly knocked down by a Nana who was very determined to beat the children out the door.
You forget that an event like this is going to have differing effects on the children. Some were over the moon and some were a wee bit frightened.
Note to oneself. Must taper the way I deliver messages to the school.
That's the 3rd time we have had to close the school since I have been here,flood,snow still waiting on fire and pestilence.

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  1. Thinking about you all............keep warm and dry. Oh and watch for foot-rot!! are a reflective learner..........I like it! :-)


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