Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am sitting here watching the kids in the playground sort out their problems. Just watching the recent debate out in front of me I am tempted to rush out and help them sort it but what will that teach them.
All of these children arrive at school with negotiating skills. These are skills that have been honed in the battlefield that is the playcentre or kindergarten or family.I watch them at a rugby practice or a netball game where children sort themselves out. It's sad how we often step in and put an adult spin on some of these small problems.
I am not condoning violence in any way shape or form but the way boys deal with their issues can be more effective than the way the girls do. Boys normally over with a whack and girls can drag it on for months!
Sexist comment, maybe, but true!
Sorry got distracted form the fact I was about to tell you all that this is the 3rd time we have met with our parents this year. Are we providing feedback, you betcha! Is the information we are feeding back setting the goals for our kids, once again yep!In fact I have never been at this school when such a wealth of information was provided to parents. It is measured against the benchmarks we have set for our children and we know exactly where all our children are placed in our school.
So lets look at the face to face reporting with parents, this year a total of 4 times, written reporting times 3 that includes goal setting reports.We also have our doors open for catch ups with parents from, well ,when ever they want to. Overkill??
It still amazes me that the government believes that schools are not in contact with their school community!

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