Monday, May 2, 2011

Team Sports.

I have always played team sports.
I think being the bigger, overactive kid, it gave me an outlet for the energy my parents wanted me to get rid of.
Being a part of a team is a very important and delicate balance. You see your team will be made up of great players , those who have the skills and the drive to perform week in and week out.
They are the passionate ones!
They are the ones who from an early age did all the physical things first, walked, rode a bike, climbed up out of the cot and landed on their heads!
The are also ones whose parents are probably involved in the club coaching or managing.

Then there are the children who are in teams for social side of things. They are just there so they can be with their friends.
A lot of the time its mums or dad that has encouraged the child to be a part of the team so they can fit in more socially.

Is there a problem with this?
There might be when the attitude of these players/families starts to impact on the team.
When you commit to a team sport no matter what level you commit. You shouldn't simply breeze in and out when it suits you as that approach has a major impact on the way the team works.
Oh , but what if they are only 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 etc.....?
You see it doesn't matter at what level a team sport is because you can only play a team sport when you have a team!!
Am I over the top with asking children to commit to a team they have decided to play for?
I don't think so, there are going to be days when genuine excuses impact on the ability to attend training.
The key to this is communication.
Tell the coach tell the manager.
These people are volunteers!
They have ,in most cases planned training and practices with your child in mind. they give up their time to coach your child. They put their time and their effort into your child so show them some respect by communicating to them.
Oh and just an aside , if your child can't drive then it is your responsibility to get them to practices and games, i know who would have thought. If they cant get there or you don't get them there they will miss out.

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  1. Well put Craig, couldn't agree more. Sport builds character, not just on the field but also those social skills you alluded to: respect for others, commitment to a common goal etc.


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