Friday, May 6, 2011

How much is too much!!

We are a well resourced school!WE have used some pretty smart techniques to get to where we are with all the wonderful readers equipment around this school.
The catch cry though from many teachers is we want more.
The latest ICT, the best reader, full sets of class equipment for Physical Education lessons and why not? We want the best for our kids we want them to have educational experiences that they remember and that cater for their individual needs, you know all the usual educational speak.
Increasingly there is a problem occurring here!
It is a case of simple Maths or economics.
As we want more and more, our Operational grant has not grown at the expectations of the community. We cant simply rely on the community to fund all the extras. Electricity, wages,rates the whole shooting match continues to increase only to have curriculum. our core area, remain static or go backwards.
There needs to be a rethink from the powers that be. Centrally funding caretakers cleaners and support staff would be a start and already put an extra 70k into areas that really count.

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