Friday, January 30, 2015

A new year, a new view.

Starting the year gives you a whole new brings a whole bundle of new energy. The children are so passionate about coming back , just spending 5 minutes in the playground with them is a great booster. We have so many new faces around school it is gonna take a while to get to know them but thats the aim over the next few days. We have new teachers that also arrive with new energy and new ideas and it stimulates and boosts the staff. I love it!!! I have 5 weeks to go until my adventure begins. Am I ready? Well the kids are studying survival for the year so I guess I have to model that!! During the break I ventured to my old Primary school and realised in visiting the impact it had on my life. You don't know just how much school affects you until you are getting up to your used by date. At this school I learnt to read and write but also developed my love of sport and music and all these passions can be seen reflected in my own children today. Wow!!! Big impact!


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I have been Principal of Ashley School since 2002 and I am still learning my job.I am married with 3 children. I have a love of educating children to the best of their potential. I enjoy Rowan Atkinson, Ricky Gervais, cycling and all other sports.