Wednesday, November 7, 2012


What is experience? In this case it is knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed? Is it always age related? The older we are the more experienced we are perhaps. Not so much!!! What if after all this time and all these experiences you are still doing the same things that have lead you down the wrong path time and time again. THis means you have experienced what you should do but are not experienced enough to change your ways to make you a better teacher, leader or human being.


  1. I think a person can be extremely experienced at any age. Getting older just adds dimension to your experience I guess.
    Unfortunately, having experience doesn't always mean having the courage to change or make change happen.
    Wisdom from observation?? Dare I say it.... people need to open their eyes more!

  2. Like Jaz says experience doesn't necessarily make us change. It's hard sometimes isn't it, to acknowledge to yourself that you need to change. There seem to be so many conflicting ideas around what 'being yourself' means.


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