Sunday, November 21, 2010


Being the son of a Coal miner from the Buller, I can relate with the goings on in Greymouth over the last few days.It was a while since my father had worked underground when I came around. However there was always the feeling that a community has sending loved ones away to work in a dangerous occupation always was around while I was growing up.
After playing rugby and teaching in Grey someone I know could be down that mine. What do you tell a family waiting for their loved one to come home?
My heart goes out tot he families affected by this tragedy. We just never know what is around the corner .

Monday, November 8, 2010

Definition of a good school

This morning on road patrol I watched a year 8 boy run yes run to get into school. If that isnt a definition of a good school I don't know what is. Normally at this time of year these guys are typically over school. It was a bit of a warm fuzzy to see this happening. I know, a drowning man will clutch at straw, but this was cool.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The way forward

How do we know what works for our kids, I mean we have all sat in a class, we know eh! We all sat in lines and were told to focus front. Repeat after me seven 8s are 56
I, before e, except after c.
Do you remember, it still happens in classes but people and the times they are a changing.
I heard a parent say the other that she wasn’t happy because we weren’t preparing kids for High School. I would like to look at the bigger picture, I reckon we are preparing kids for life.
Oh but to get on in life you have to do well at high school, go to university, get a degree, start at the bottom of the ladder work hard, get to the top.
Do you?
We live in such changing time, ipods , ipads , iphones, instant knowledge. The need to study knowledge for a time that we may need it in the future doesn’t exist any more. That’s right, how often have you used the stuff you learned in high school.
So with all this knowledge at hand what skills should we be teaching our future generations? Good question, what do we teach a generation that has more knowledge at their fingertips than ever before. What do you think? Should we continue to teach children the same way we taught children in the 70s, the way we were taught, cos it worked for us right?
If you know the answers to these questions I would like you to tell me! You could also tell our Ministry of Education and our government they don’t seem to know either.

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