Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just a thought!!

I saw something that saddened me yesterday!
I was walking past a playground and there was a mum with her two children probably 4 and 2. The children were having a ball as they ran screaming around the equipment. The eldest child tried time and time again to engage his mother firstly in the game then in what he was doing then what his brother was doing and then in conversation. Mum didn’t move! You see what was on the ipod was more interesting than being involved with her kids. Some of you may be saying well that’s what I would do , or we don’t know the full story. She may be struggling and that’s her time out. That may be right but it did get me thinking. We have all been guilty of it!
Placing televisions in other rooms, computers in the children’s rooms creating opportunities to shut the children out of our lives. Sad really how do we get these children to develop social skills that are demanded in society if they are shut away.

Do you know, or care what they are doing in the other room?

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