Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Novopay, pain and beyond.

After the most wonderful non PC day at school yesterday, lolly scrambles and water fights!(Thanks Spud for the loan of the fire engine)I ventured to school to assist Tanya with the Start of Year staffing pay organisation. We arrived at 8.30am to let the builders in and then started. We have had no staff changes, nothing at all. Its all the same, its the same people so it shouldn't be an issue, eh. So why then 2 hours later we gave up. We had been on the help line and actually got through to a real person. After 30 minutes of her explaining the bloody obvious to us that we had already tried, she, the help line lady, decided it was an IT issue and our problem would be logged and they would ring us back later on during the week. We then established, with the lovely help line lady, that we were on holiday and email may be the better option.It took a wee while for that one to sink in. I can only hope that we receive some help before the start of the year as it will take a great deal of time to set up the simple, extremely simple, online process to get our staff paid.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No S$%t Sherlock

When stating the obvious a friend of mine uses the the saying in the title, so when I read this headline in the paper I had the same reaction. http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/schools/8059539/Pupil-teacher-relationship-critical" REALLY. What in depth researcher, hidden away for years and paid copious amounts of money decided that wee gem. Well done ERO, in the Mastermind category of stating the bleeding obvious you take out first prize!

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